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The photo on the top-right is of Jay Evans who has been a member of the U.S. Skiing Demo Team for 12 years.  The U.S. Demo Team consists of eight members and are re-chosen every year and represent the most elite skiers in the entire nation.  He was here in Hong Kong at Slope Infinity to help with the installation and testing of our advanced training decks.  Jay Evans trained world-class skiers using this same type of variable-angled (hydraulics) fast-moving training deck shown on the top-right photo.

Slope Infinity featured on CNN TechWatch

Video of John Schille teaching a little girl to ski

Video of Jay Evans demonstrating on the solo deck (ski)

Video of John Schille teaching three kids to ski

Video of Rad Carney snowboarding on the large deck

Video of John Schille skiing on the solo deck

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