Maps & Contact

Tel: 2107 4567 (Appointment Booking & General Enquiry)

Address: 1/F, 148 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong
(near Victoria Park)

MTR Directions: We are located between the Tin Hau Station and Fortress Hill Station.  Choose either station to exit depending on which direction you are coming from.  If you are exiting via the Fortress Hill Station then choose the "A" exit and walk westbound on Oil Street until you hit Electric Road then make a left.  If you are exiting via the Tin Hau Station then choose the "A2" exit and walk northbound on Electric Road.

Taxi Directions: If you cannot speak Cantonese, you might want to print out the Chinese address below to show to the driver in case he cannot speak English.

(Translates to: 148 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong)

Parking Lot Directions: You can park your car in the parking lot directly inside the building via the rear entrance.  You need to be going northbound on King's Road to make a left into Shell Street which leads to the parking lot.  The street sign for Shell Street is constructed on the wrong side of the street and can easily be missed while driving.  There is a building on the corner of Shell Street that says Sing Pao Building.  You can use that as an indicator as to when to make the turn.  Please refer to the map below and note the red arrows.

If you are coming in from the Central direction and intend to park the car in the parking lot then please pay attention to the two-way split shown near the lower left of the map above.  There is a large street sign near this location that reads Electric Road (left side) and Causeway Road (right side).  You need to take the right side of the split (not Electric Road) and continue straight until you hit King's Road as indicated by the red arrows above.

Information on how to get back on King's Road (southbound) after leaving the parking lot